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Zello Ma T2ello

Zello Ma T2ello

Zello Ma T2ello

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Meet your new favorite Lebanese card game. 

Zello Ma T2ello is party game where you tag your friends with hilarious cards. The game is simple. Each round a card is drawn and the group decides who would be most likely to, based on previous stories or personality traits. The cards are funny, but it's the stories behind the cards that are HILARIOUS. 

Get ready to call out your friends. 

How To Play: - Gameplay 1 (Two other gameplays in the box) 
1. Get ready: Gather your friends and place the deck of cards face down on a table
2. Pick the cards: Every round, one player picks a card and reads it out loud, he becomes the judge
3. Shame! Everyone in the group says who deserves the card and why. The judge makes the final decision.
4. Next round: Have a laugh! A new round starts with a different judge and the player that reaches 7 cards first loses!

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