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Arrir Ma Tbarrir

Arrir Ma Tbarrir

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Discover the ultimate game for every occasion!

Arrir Ma Tbarrir guarantees endless laughter and unforgettable memories at any gathering. From boys night to girls night, pre-drinking to family gatherings, Arrir Ma Tbarrir brings people closer together (or farther apart 😂), making every moment a blast!

Get ready to discover your friends TRUE nature 😜 Arrir Ma Tbarrir includes 450 cards packed with hilarious Lebanese-style “would you rather” questions. Players get to create their own questions by combining two “single cards” (cards with half a question) or by using already made “double cards” with a full question. Game is 18+ for extra fun 

It includes 3 creative gameplays, where everyone gets asked the hardest and funniest questions you’ll ever think of. Get ready to unleash laughter and create memorable experiences with Arrir Ma Tbarrir! 😁

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